Hear what people are saying about TACOE…

“Dr. Chang and her lab assistants, technicians, and office personnel give the very best animal care and are wonderful in showing a loving and comforting atmosphere, not only to the animals they treat, but to the owners and care-givers of everything from a tiny kitten to an enormous Great Dane. Because of old age and/or cancer several of our animals have had to be put to sleep and Dr. Chang is so sweet and gentle with them right to the end. As an aside, she cannot do this without tears in her eyes which shows, to me, how much she cares.”

Norman and Amy

I would not, and have never hesitated to refer anyone who loves their pets to The Animal Clinic of Encino. Not only is Dr. Chang the most competent vet I have ever gone to, but she is compassionate and caring. She takes the time to really examine my dog and to explain to me the meaning of a symptom or the reason for any testing–and yet, never makes me anxious. In fact, everyone at TACoE is the same way. I can always rely on professionalism and laughter when I take my beloved dog for her check ups.

Cynthia C.

Dr. Chang is amazing. Absolutely worth every penny… she is very smart and knowledgeable doctor. She is caring and dedicated to her profession and her patients. THANK YOU DR. CHANG FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR US!! I would not trust anyone else with my furry children… you absolutely get what you pay for. Dr. Chang is THE BEST!!!

Natalia G.

Dr. Chang is smart, sweet and compassionate – she will just sit right on the floor with my scared pit bull. We have been in there for routine exams & shots as well as injuries and I’m very happy with the care we’ve received. We were also referred to a specialist for our girl, and the hospital & doctors we were referred to is a quality, caring place. Pricing is competitive but very reasonable compared to a VCA or similar. The staff is friendly and caring and Dr. Chang always returns my calls when I have questions (and I seem to always have a lot)!  I once asked her about a “new” drug that was out – and she said she is waiting for more studies, and doesn’t want her patients on something so new/untested. I can appreciate her conservatism on that particular medication.

Jennifer A.

“When I brought my hard-to-handle cat in for his check-up, the folks at The Animal Clinic of Encino were so gentle and understanding of his behavior. Good vets are hard to find! We will definitely return with our other pets and highly recommend the vets and staff to anyone who needs that special, caring touch.”

Cathryn C.

I have nothing but high praise for the Animal Clinic of Encino. Tina Chang, the main vet, is wonderful.  She’s everything I would want in a vet–bright, knowledgeable, caring, experienced, thorough, and responsive. Dr. Chang takes whatever time is necessary to answer my questions, and she always is looking out for what is best for my dog and cats (all of whom adore her). It’s truly a pleasure dealing with Dr. Chang and with the clinic’s efficient, and very helpful staff.

Dona H.

Dr. Chang and her staff treated my two Persian cats for years, one of which had feline acne and other skin problems. Their loving care and concern kept both of them alive for 14 and 16 years. They are always caring and adept with their treatment of all Animals. I can highly recommend them.

Jane T.

If I could give them 10 stars, I would. Dr. Chang and her staff are the BEST and most compassionate as it gets. I have been using Dr. Chang for 19 years now and have many family and friends who come from all over LA for her services. They are that good! Compassionate, caring, loving and extremely knowledgeable. I have had many pups through the years and she has NEVER steered me wrong. I also rescue pups and she treats all my rescues like the family that they are. Shame on you who give a bad review because all of a sudden your dog or cat needs their shots because of grooming or boarding. It’s your responsibility to get their shots ASAP when you get your pet! Not when it is convenient for you! Also, EVERY Vet has an exam fee. You’re insane if you think that it’s possible for all of these amazing Doctors and their staff to work for free!


The Animal Clinic of Encino